Bonnell University aka BE U

Bonnell University is a container to support self-driven, peer-to-peer, open, integrated learning and development. We believe that this kind of container or space can be a more effective and efficient way for many people to learn and grow. The way we currently do this is offer resources - in the form of coaching and as a hub for learning opportunities - to help individuals determine what they want to learn and do and how best to do this.

To get involved, go to or go to the BU Lounge, 1st floor East in the St. Mary's school building on the corner of 3rd St. and Depot Ave. in Fairfield.

While Bonnell University is not dependent on a physical site, the various physical spaces of the Bonnell Building Project provide a venue for individuals and groups to host classes, workshops, healing groups, performances, etc. in an environment that supports self-driven, peer-to-peer, open, integrated learning and development.

By 'self-driven,' we mean that each 'student' has the freedom - and the responsibility - to direct their own learning and development, driven by their own inner wisdom, by what they are being called to do and be (aka dharma), by what creates safety and the optimal level of challenge for them, etc.

By 'peer-to-peer,' we mean to eliminate the distinction that is made within the traditional university system of teachers and students. Within the BU container, everyone is learning from each other; everyone is a teacher, and everyone is a 'student' (learner), playing the different roles at different times - and usually at the same time.

By 'open' we mean that learning takes place everywhere, at all times, with anyone and everyone, and in many different ways, depending on who is involved. And it means that our approach to container building is living and involving, so the container changes as participants enter into and operate within it.

By 'integrated' we mean a non-compartmentalized approach that engages the whole person, is done contextually, and encompasses feeling, thinking, doing and being.

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