Saturday, November 5, 2011

BE U Lounge ideas

As a result of some discussions we had over the last weeks, we came up with the idea of creating a lounge space for people to stop by, get info about the project, see whats going on, hang out, have fun, and get involved.

Here is my brainstorm about the lounge:
First we need to clarify some things around that though:
functions that it should perform?

here is my shot at it:
Goal is to provide a space for people who are new to the Bonnell Building Project and the St. Mary's Project, to see what the project is about, where it came from, what we do, how we operate, etc.
It should also be a space where people can just come, relax, hang out, and have fun.
also we would like to communicate information and tools we use.

Here are some things that i think could support these functions:
-tea station
-whiteboard with projects and info on it
-info wall with history of project
-picture wall with pics of the people involved
-computer with internet access for research

Timeframe: i would like to get the first functions established within my internship, so 3 weeks.
Budget: i have no idea :)

What are your thoughts?
Any suggestions? 
Do you like the idea?
Do you want to help us make this a reality?
contact us!


  1. I've created a Google doc where we are working through the questions Emanuel has raised. To participate in the documentation process, email