Thursday, November 3, 2011

Green House Project

Ok, since i can't wait to post something, ill give a short summary of yesterdays meeting around the green house.

We had a good group of people at the school house to discuss the potential of a community green house.
The people involved:

Lead: Eric Randall
possible greenhouse design
Colin Heaton, Steve cooperman, Bill Runyan, Alexi Toraji,  Wendi Bruen, Sascha Kyssa, John Freeberg, Avi Pogel, Taylor Ross.

Eric Randall has been taking awesome lead in this project. 
The idea is to create a greenhouse to strengthen the community and maybe start a gift community feeling.

some possible uses are:

Personal food use
Community use
Community kitchen
Plant propagation

This is what we have to do next:

meet again in 1 week,
everybody: print out base map, sketch out locations for greenhouses, boil down at next meeting

permaculture: map out sun and shade during the day,  - solar path finder (colin, Emanuel)
city codes around building (does greenhouse qualify as a “house”)  - steve, roland
map of property (online jeffco) –steve
base map from permaculture class - Avi

avi, sascha, eric:
options for greenhouses: material, size, estimated cost

write up what you would like to do, and what part do you want o have in this. send it to the google group

next meeting:
wed. 12-1pm
bring your lunch

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  1. next meeting should say the date, not just what day of the week it will be on. Is it on nov 9th? 16th? 23rd?