Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tiny Homes

There are a bunch of people involved in our project interested in building and living in tiny homes, including Victor Orne, Zoe Kivio, Taylor Ross, Andrew Perry, and Jim Cassidy (check out the house he's building).

Taylor wants to build one for the Beauty Shop Music Residency Program.

Lane Weaver shared an amazing tiny homes video with us yesterday, thinking we could even build some of these to have inside the Artists Residency living quarters space in the St. Mary's building. Whadya all think?


  1. Tiny homes all day! I love tiny homes! it's just putting a bunch of stuff together and living inside it!

  2. Here's a good video on building a tiny house...

    And another resource:

  3. Just in case you haven't seen this link yet, there's tons of inspiration here:

  4. If cost is a primary issue, what about making a tiny house out of pallets? Here are some plans and images: Good pallets are regularly available at Argiro...

    If several people are interested in building tiny houses, how about making jigs to speed production? Perhaps the white outbuilding could become a tiny house making place, with power tools and jigs. Possibly even a small business if someone is interested... Or, workshop(s) on building tiny houses...